About this Blog

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, I hope its because you’ve been on a journey, and something about our stories brings us together.  This blog, and my journey, is rooted in my core belief that experience yields life’s greatest lessons.  Most recently I’ve chosen the “multi-sport” experience as one of my primary teachers, and I’ve given over to being schooled!

This blog is intended to be a space to share and learn from others pursuing balance in their work, family and personal life and find themselves discovering the layers of joy in training, competing, pushing the limits, and sharing it all with those who appreciate it.

While my goal is to build a forum for sharing multi sport experience,  Just Tri It for me isn’t limited to Swimming, Biking and Running.  There are a  LOT of stops along the way.  I’m sharing mine with the hope to hear about yours.   On that note?  I’m just “tri-ing” this blog thing.  I am super interested in figuring this out, but its going to take some grit and it’s a little out of my comfort zone.  Feel free to offer any guidance along the way, and I hope you’ll appreciate I’m building a “base” here.  It can only go up!

The post ride rewards- cold bevy’s and great friends.


One response to “About this Blog

  • Chantale Walker

    Hi Michelle,
    I’ve always admired your “get ‘er done” approach and, for me, this blog is just another piece of the “Michelle experience” that has always motivated, supported and challenged me. I love that you’re doing this, blogging. Ot only about your multi-sport love but also about balancing work, family and personal life. I’m starting to realize that it shouldn’t be called “work-life balance” but rather “life balance” period.
    I’m going to take a page out of your book and work on being present in the moment.
    Let’s see how far we get!!

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